An Ecovend reverse vending machine or RVM is a recycling device with integrated technology that accepts used (empty) beverage containers in return for a monetary or non monetary reward – these can be for example vouchers, discounts or even charitable donations.

Ecovend's machines provide an automated function that collects, sorts, compacts and stores bottles and cans. This provides a simple and effective solution to beverage container waste.

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Dynaes is a French technology business focused on developing and taking to market disruptive technologies designed to deliver energy efficiency and cost savings.

It's groundbreaking thermodynamic technology, once installed, yields an increase in both thermal performance and energy efficiency by an average of 30% across standard heating and cooling systems.This technology will have a major impact on the global effort to cut greenhouse gases, whilst at the same time saving billions of dollars worldwide. Dynaes technology significantly contributes to meeting businesses sustainability targets and saving on energy costs at the same time.


UB ONE® Oil Ltd is a British-based manufacturer of new classes of oils that under testing have proven to reduce engine emissions. UB ONE explored why lubricants fail to protect an engine from wear and tear and decided to develop a solution.

The business has developed in its own laboratory and taken to market unique additives that are thermally, mechanically and chemically stable, forming a protective layer on moving surfaces. This ensures protection in all driving conditions, saving fuel, reducing smoke, restoring power, reduce engine service intervals, and noise levels. These additives further contribute to long engine life and smooth environmentally friendly performance without any need for modifications to vehicles.

The Graphene Corporation is an award winning, commercially focussed company with R&D and commercial operations in the UK and India who have developed a proven, unique and cost-efficient process for producing all grades of graphenes, graphene oxides, and graphene composites.

The Graphene Corporation aim to become the global leader in graphene research and development bringing graphene and nano-technology products to consumer markets.

Digital production agency, Figment Productions consists of a highly talented team of creative producers, designers, film-makers, 3D artists and software developers who have collaborated on hundreds of projects.
The company is organised into skilled teams delivering Production, Design, Film & Video, CGI, Software Development and Technical Delivery.

Athene Advisory is a London based consultancy supporting companies to achieve “best practice” back-office operations focussed on tax and financial management. It also has a wide network of market leading service providers that it can introduce to its clients.