Nature aware

Sustainable Technology Consulting

Working with start ups and established business innovators to bring their sustainable technology solutions to market. Our partners develop ground breaking technology that benefits the planet and equally importantly generates cost savings for their users.

As investors, we understand the challenging steps when introducing new, disruptive solutions to the global market. We value patience, expertise and mindful investments, always staying aligned to the success of our clients and ultimately leading to a greener, safer and sustainable world.

Delivering solutions for a sustainable future

Greentech believes in the advancement of sustainable solutions that deliver energy efficiency with minimal environmental impact.

Our mission is to support new and emerging businesses who have innovative products and services in this space by offering top level B2B business development solutions and management consultancy.  We make a commitment to our clients to deliver decision maker connectivity within global companies, institutions and governments.

Our team of experienced business professionals hold established relationships with the leaders of business across multiple sectors and countries.

As entrepreneurs, we understand the challenging first steps when introducing new disruptive concepts to the global market.

As investors, we understand the challenging steps when introducing new, disruptive solutions to the global market. Sustainable success requires patience, expertise, and actionable insights. We are committed to staying aligned to the business aspirations of our clients which will ultimately lead to a greener, safer and sustainable world.

The Greentech Ethos

Environmental Impact

We are committed to promoting technologies that improve and repair the damage already done to our fragile environment. We choose to work with partners that can deliver positive environmental outcomes.


We feel it’s important to promote the ideal of living and working in a sustainable society. By implementation of technology, we assist our clients to achieve a sustainable approach to the day to day running of their businesses.

Energy Efficiency

In this booming technological age, the demand for energy continues to accelerate. We support new cost effective technological solutions that boost energy efficiency, deliver financial savings and help companies reduce their carbon footprint.

Nature Aware

Greentech champions the Circular Economy through its working relationships with businesses aimed at eliminating waste and breaking the traditional linear approach to production.

Through a circular approach, we help build policies and processes that employ the four tenets of Repair, Reuse, Refurbish, and Recycle, which prioritise the planet and the wellbeing of all species and the environment.

Whether it’s sourcing eco-finance, investing in new technology, leveraging the social and economic benefits of protecting the natural environment, or bringing green policy to product design and manufacturing, Greentech uses its knowledge, expertise, and network to launching new and transitioning businesses into a greener more sustainable future.

Our Services

We nurture our portfolio clients by supporting them with a comprehensive range of optional business services covering their revenue generation, client execution, and all their back-office management. This way, we enhance their investor capital by making sure they are managed to current best practice standards.

Business Development

As ambassadors of environmental change, we research, develop, and implement business growth strategies within the context of current global energy, waste, recycling, water management, and air quality targets.

Business Networking

As specialists in the application of green technologies, we connect our visionary innovators to a network of valuable international contacts and enable them to deliver on their environmental objectives.

Net Zero Consulting

With our thorough experience and expertise in the low carbon energy sector, we use our knowledge and insights to provide strategic and commercial advice to our clients, bringing them to the forefront of energy solutions.


Our team of experienced branding and marketing professionals work with our clients to develop and implement multi-channel strategies. These strategies are designed to embrace our client’s specific company needs, creating an individual, holistic, and effective marketing approach.

Greenseed Capital

Greenseed Capital is Greentech's funding initiative and invests in eco-innovators who are looking to launch their products or expand into the global marketplace.

Business Services

We support our portfolio clients in operating their businesses efficiently and within current best practice standards. We have a wide range of optional services that are designed to minimise overheads, manage all the necessary governance and compliance, and ensure the right people and advisors are employed.

Our Clients

We are proud to work with brands leading environmental change in their own businesses and the wider community.


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